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"Raising new questions, new possibilities,

seeing old problems from a new angle, from a new perspective,

 requires creative imagination and brings real progress in Science. "

- Albert Einstein -


      This compilation is part of a book, a Scientific Romance, consisting of 350 pages, entitled: 'The Travel in Time -21 Solutions for 21 Questions of the XXI Century Physics-'.  The book portrays the story of a scientist, a researcher of Theoretical Physics, Professor at the most prestigious university in London, the Imperial College. In recent years this teacher has been completely and exclusively dedicated to the compilation of an almost secret project, which consists in formulating a "Final Theory of Time' and with it create a real chance to build a Time Machine and thus achieve the first travel in time made by mankind!

      While he walks this path, the theoretical physicist is faced with other puzzles and enigmas of Physics, real problems that no one can solve, problems of Cosmology, Quantum Physics and Relativity, but somehow, this scientist gets the resolution to all these major issues. Seeing in the possession of such revelations the theoretical physicist meets only a few specific members of the university to whom he will propose to explain these questions and reveal this absolutely new theory!

      In this small group of elite that he brings together, we can find himself the theoretical physicist, Professor Ruben Klein; a mathematician, Dr. Gibbs; the experimental physicist, Dr. Wolf; a biophysicist, Dr. Stevenson; and an electrical engineer, Dr. Josh Bentley.  These person are also fellow teachers and members of the institution and all of these scientists have an important role in the development of the story that can only be revealed at the end ...

      In the chapters provided in this Scientific Version, was made a selection of the manuscript , a summary of the Theory developed, in order to make it accessible to any reader interested in this topic. As such, this book can be presented and considered as a work of scientific literature. 

      In any case, please do forgive me for the bad quality of this translation.


      The Physics of this century continues to be a science filled with several enigmas. Several questions remain unexplained and many topics are still incomprehensible; fundamental problems are constantly raised and challenging physicists mind. Among puzzles and insoluble experiments, such as the Cavendish experiment and the Double-Fissure experience, fundamental issues are raised, completely defying the understanding, the concepts of logic and human intelligence. Hidden variable persist to stay unknown and can permanently perturb the thought of a scientist.

     The 'Travel in Time' has emerged as a need to understand and join together all of the biggest questions currently open in Physics of the XXI century.  This topic is extensive by its definition, as such, the main purpose was to present a summarized approach, in a way as complete as possible but rather extensive, of all the major problems affecting the Physics of this millennium. This majestic science is unique and the only one which embraces the atom, the life, the Universe and just about everything, absorbing a vast thematic of topics and different issues apparently divergent and with little relationship. However, relationships, similarities, and truths, are already written in the Big Book of Nature!

      This work presents us with a simple Documentary, a Journey and a Travel in Time, simply based on fundamental equations, relations, facts and cosmological considerations, without having to appeal to a too much technical or mathematic language. As such, the entire structure of this book brings together all the essential information and basic concepts of Physics so that any reader can follow what I would like to designate as a Natural History of the Universe!

     All solutions presented for the 21 Problems are deeply justified and based with a large scientific support that sustains one single Theory relatively simple …

     I think that the 21 solutions could perhaps intrigue the experts of Physics, by raising new questions, doubts and problems and also new ways of solving them.

     Basically, this work aims to present a new approach and a new perspective for the treatment and resolution of old problems of Physics.


  C. P. Fournier




All mysteries of Modern Physics revealed


21 Problems:


1. Origin of Matter

2. What is the Dark Matter;

3. What did undo the initial Homogeneity of the Universe;

4. Why did the period of Inflation occur;

5. The reason for Critical Density;

6. What is the False Vacuum;

7. The origin of the Forces of Nature;

8. Gravitons located;

9. What kind of force is Gravity;

10. Electrodynamics stability of the atom;

11. Quantum Theory of Gravity;

12. Quantization of Matter;

13. Wave-Particle Duality;

14. The survival  of Matter instead of Antimatter;

15. The problem of the Horizon;

16. What is the Dark Energy;

17. How many dimensions?;

18. Origin and Fate of the Universe;

19. Formula of Time;

20. Formula of the Cosmos;

21. Formula of the Unified Theory.