Chapter III




"Learning is the only thing that mind never gets tired,

never is afraid and it’s never sorry."

- Leonardo da Vinci -


     The ‘gravity’ of the situation, is that this Gravity Force remains very difficult to explain, since it does not fit with most any known theory.

     The gravitational force is very unique, different and original and apparently independent of all the other forces.

     It is because of this force that was born the concept and status of mass and, consecutively, the whole structure of matter, of atoms, molecules ... and Life!

     What is the mystery of the Force of Gravity? ... After all, it exists!

     Again, let us start from the beginning...

     The Newton’s Mechanics was so successful in the XVIII, XIX, XX and XXI century, which virtually ceased to be questioned. With this theory we predicted solar eclipses, sent men to the moon, and put space probes and artificial satellites operating in the Universe!

      The perception of Newton took into account the Earth-Moon system and the fall of an apple from the top of a tree, linking them, he concluded that the force of attraction that makes the Moon remains in its path is the same that makes the fall of the apple.

      He wrote then:

     "I have concluded that the forces that keep the planets in their orbits are in the ratio of the reciprocal squares of distances to the centers around which they are orbiting and, therefore, I have compared the necessary force to keep the moon in its orbit with the force of Gravity on the surface of the Earth and found that the two solutions are almost equal. "- Sir. Isaac Newton -.

      An episode that led Newton to imagine that, perhaps, all the objects of the Universe felt the same force of attraction and, as such, they were all attracted by each other at the same way, and with that in mind he wrote the first Law of Gravity.

     A bright idea and a real revelation, no doubt … for the epoch and the time in question, however, today, we haven’t progressed much more!

      Until now, we have failed to reconcile the theory of gravity with quantum physics, because a simple reflexion shows that the basis of the formula of Gravity is incorrect and the principles upon which they are based have several fails, right from the start!

     It is said that Gravity is the force responsible for the cohesion of subatomic particles, for the attraction of mass.

     Taking up the steps of Newton, we would say that Gravity is a force that acts in a way inversely proportional to the square of the distance, depending on the relationship 1/r2.This means that if we take, for example, the distance of 1m the gravitational force has a specific value, replacing r by 1 we have 1 / 12 = 1 and at 2 meters away from the gravitational force is 1 / 22 = 1 / 4, which means that this force will be four times smaller and so on. And we could conclude that the effect of gravitational force is lost and attenuates with the distance and separation from the source. Right?

     So, again, we can conclude that the more distant from the Mass, the weakest is the force. Similarly, we could suppose the inverse way:  the closest to the center of gravity of any mass the strongest is the force.

     Continuing with this logic, this would imply that in the center of any object, the gravitational force would tend into their maximum force, into a very high value, an infinite value!

     If these situations occur in practice, the gravitational force in the center of any object would be very strong, infinite, and everything would collapse into black-holes and the Universe could not even exist!

     The current physicists are perfectly aware of this issue, but they don’t seem to give much thought in to this particular problem in the law of gravitation! They simply ignore it!

     The Theory of Gravity is not valid for r = 0, because in this case we have:


Fg = ∞


     How come that a fundamental formula that establishes relationships between mass and matter, cannot establish the existence of matter itself?!

     It seems to me that there is a great inconsistency in this Theory!

     The physicists claim that this particular formula is not valid for specific situations called singularities, such as the Big Bang, Big Crunch or black-holes. But what we can see is, in fact, that this it is not a valid formula for the Universe that surrounds us every day, just like the way it is!

     Assuming that we could conceive a mutual attraction to essential matter, then, in a primary state of the Universe, we would assume that this Gravity Force would be uniformly distributed, and the primary attraction would reach all of the primitive particles in the same way.

     With a model that considers that the Universe began with an innate Gravity force, the most fundamental particles could never have a proper evolution with an independent concentration of mass .The implementation of a single individual particle, the execution of an independent atomic structure, the generation of protons, neutrons and electrons would be nearly impossible. All of this because the primordial density of matter would also be evenly well distributed and the innate Gravity field would attract all of these particles uniformly towards to a central point. The whole mass would be concentrated into a single structure and the whole matter would all be placed in a central and densely compact object, a singularity … and that would be the only object existing in this Universe!

     As such, we find that matter could never emerge and evolve under these conditions, because the inherent Gravity of the Universe would not allow the existence of a single individual and consistent atomic structure!

     But the Universe exists, it is composed of galaxies, planets and solar systems ... and it is minimally stable, so there must be some explanation for this has not happened!

     Neither the density fluctuations can explain the process of evolution which formed bigger structures of matter. The fluctuations are slow, very slow, the power of the gravitational attraction is almost instantaneous.

     The answer to this puzzle relies in the definition of mass. Only that can explain the great enigma of the origin of matter ...