Chapter VI




"If the facts do not fit in the theory, then you should change the facts."

- Albert Einstein -


     At this time, 300 000 years after the Big Bang, the period of inflation had ceased long ago, and this extreme uniformity of the primitive Universe is assumed but not explained.

     The obvious next question is knowing how could stars and galaxies arise and evolved from a uniform and homogeneous dense gas of matter, if all particles and matter existing at that time were spread very evenly, distributing  in equal ways in space, as if they were forming a velvet tissue!?

     From these facts emerges the question of homogeneity. Because its apparently impossible to understand how come a Universe where matter is distributed in a uniform way, could change dramatically and start to form concentrations of matter, stars, clusters of stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies, and even planets … which is the current state of our Universe. All of that assuming that the gravitational influence would also be equally well distributed.

     Simulations made by computer, insert such data, that is, matter and gravitational influence, and simply conclude that this development would be nearly impossible to achieve. This infers that the formation of stars, planetary systems and galaxies would be, at least, very unlikely, almost impossible and with a very low probability of happening in the natural path of evolution. And this leads us to believe that there seemed to be some kind of ‘refining’ or a 'cosmic tuning'!

     Some might think that the reason why our Universe appears to be this way must necessarily have the intervention of God’s hand …

     Let us look more closely at our data and see what is wrong in this simulation.

     Track number 2: We only have two variables: primordial matter and gravitational influence.

     I leave you to think for a while...

     If you were aware and with some attention, until now, I did not have to introduce or talked about any Gravitational Force to explain the Natural History of the Universe!

     For some while the matter has remained very evenly distributed, even after the period of inflation, and in this high energy Universe never occurred any kind of density fluctuations in order to form small concentrations of matter because, at the beginning of the Universe, there never was a Gravitational Force!

     There was someone who once said:      

     "If the facts do not fit in the theory, then you should change the facts."

     - Albert Einstein -  

     But then, after some time, matter began to condense and agglomerate, forming stars and galaxies ... but we still do not know how did that happened ...  we will get there soon.