Chapter XII




"Nature does not do anything in vain."

- Aristotle -


     If we relate all the forces of Nature in a common equation, it arises the following interpretation:


FWeak = FStrong + FElectromagnectic + FGravity


Fw0  =  Fs+  +  Fem-  +  Fg0


n0   =   p+     e-      ν0


       From this relation we can conclude that the mediators of the Forces of Nature are:


bosons = gluons +  photons + neutrinos


      So many Gravitons on the loose! Disguised as Neutrinos ... the perfect dissimulation!

      Only like this everything fits very well! And everything stays so organized, so simple and beautiful!

      The Theory of Gravity requires the existence of these Gravitons with a very specific and a very defined interaction with matter. As such, these particles should be everywhere has a reflection of the interaction between masses. Therefore, they were represented by a mysterious particle, not yet discover and never detected: the missing  graviton!

     This graviton should be a stable particle; electrically neutral; probably with very little or no mass at all; and be present in large number of quantity, distributed almost uniformly throughout the Universe ... which are exactly the characteristics of neutrinos!

      The fact that there are so many neutrinos in the Universe cannot be a coincidence of Nature! What is the role of so many neutrinos? If we look close, until this moment we did not give any fundamental role to these specific particles so subtle and omnipresent.

     So many neutrinos … just walking around! I believe that Nature does not do anything in vain.

      The number of these particles is really immense, and is about equal or even greater than the number of photons in the Universe, and both travel at the speed of light, which is the main feature of the mediators of the interactions.

      The neutrinos are, very likely and most simply, the most abundant particle in the Universe!

      How come, such a fundamental particle can pass in front of us and stay so unnoticed?!

       We are constantly being bombarded by billions of photons and neutrinos, or gravitons ... as you wish. These are the particles responsible for transmitting to our atoms the Electromagnetic interaction and the Gravitational interaction.

      The Nature exceeds by simplifying its laws!