Chapter XXVI




"God wishes, the man dreams, and the work is born."

- Fernando Pessoa -


      It should be good to begin by recalling that if Physics had a Theory of Constants, it would find one single constant, unique and universal. That means that, eventually and inevitably, it would be discovered the Constant of Nature, the Fundamental Constant!

      There is a constant that dominates the Universe and that is our constant of reference, the constant that identifies our Cosmos.

      Unlike the speed of light 'c'; the electrical charge of the electron ‘e’; and the Planck's unit 'h'; this new constant is still unknown to all.

      The deduction of this constant is quite simple to demonstrate.

      The formula that I will present establishes a very interesting relationship, as follows:


a = Q.c2


       Substituting the values in this equality, the charge of the electron ‘Q’ and the speed of light ‘c’, is that:


a = 1,6 x 10-19 x ( 3 x 108 )2

           a = 0,0144    C.m2/s2


      Considering the Einstein formula for energy, it comes that:


E = m.c2

c2 = E/m


      Relating to the above formula, is that:


a = Q.c2

           c2 = a/Q


      From where it can be deduced that:


           c2 = c2

           E / m = a / Q


      Transforming and matching the two expressions it is obtained two fundamental equations of Physics:


Q.E =  m.a


      The formula of Electric Field ( F=Q.E );

      and the formula of Newton for Movement ( F=m.a ).


      The next question is: what does it mean that a = 0.0144?!

      If you notice carefully, there are three most fundamental equations of Physics, which can be practically reduced to the following:


F = m.a … F = Q.E … E = m.c2


   It is by the combination of these formulas that we obtained this precious constant:


F = m.a… F = Q.E …      


m.a = Q.E …


E = m.a / Q…      E = m.c2


 m.a / Q = m. c2


a / Q = c2a = Q. c2


      The value that is obtained is a Force value, a constant of a Fundamental Force present in our Universe.

      What kind of force is this?

      Only later I realized that this is a Gold number, the number of the Cosmos!

      This force is associated with the movement of gold which absorbs our entire Universe, from the Astrophysics to the Microphysics.

      As we have seen before, all bodies of the Universe seem to have a circular motion responsible for this delicate balance of Nature. This kind of movement is perfect and perpetual, just like a pendulum. It only needs that 'someone' provides the very first initial clicking ...

      The natural essence of matter itself, incorporates this fundamental quantity; which corresponds to the essential natural Flow of Energy that is always in constant motion  ... everything is energy in motion.

      This fundamental value is associated with this movement of rotation that is always present and involving us. We can associate it with an angular momentum of energy ... the energy that placed our Universe in motion.

      In this closed system, our entire Universe has an angular momentum of energy eternally constant.





a = Q. c2 = 0.0144